Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Find New and Exciting Blogging Topics

Writing good and interesting blog posts gets tedious at times and one day you find yourself just sitting there, wondering what to blog about. It's not that you're lazy or don't enjoy writing anymore - the problem is elsewhere.

You can't just write about anything that pops into your head, right? There has to be some research involved because what's the point of writing about something nobody cares about? Here's a process you can follow when you get stuck.

Use Social Media Websites

No, this is not going toe be more of the generic 'look for what's viral' type of advice. Yes, you could browse around and see what's trending for your industry right now, but why would you write about something that everybody else and their brother is writing about?

Be clever about it and make your own spin on the themes that you see are popular right now. If you see a post about Top 10 of the Best Whatever, you should think about writing the opposite - The Worst 10 of Whatever - it will be original, fun and engaging for your readers.

Look for what are your friends asking on social sites or what problems they have. Are they complaining about not spending enough time with their kids? Write a blog post titled 5 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Children or 4 Outdoor Activities For Family Bonding.

For some extra traffic, post a response on the original comment of your friend with a link to the post you wrote.

Get Your Audience Involved

Here's the thing most bloggers forget when they're on the hunt for new content ideas. You can directly ask your audience for feedback - that's the beauty of the Web 2.0 world compared with old media where feedback is slow and sometimes nonexistent.

Go to Survey Monkey and create a survey with questions related to your general topic. Make them in way that will generate useful answers and not just a Yes or No type of response.

Use Photography as an Inspiration

A boring topic may make you procrastinate on writing that post even more. One cool trick that will help you with writing the story and ranking in the search engines is to use photos. When you're out and about and you see anything that has to do with your topic get your phone out and snap a picture. You'll start to accumulate an archive with relevant images that you can upload with your articles or create galleries to compliment your content.

This way you can visually express your point more effectively with a blog post and as a bonus - you own the rights to the picture. This is perfect for niches where you can't find images that fit the topic on the web.


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